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Alston Landscape
Alston Aspire - Heart of Alston Moor
aerial view of Alston
St Augustine Nave
The Derwent Clock
St Augustines
Church Walk
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Developing community space in the church at the heart of Alston

A large space is now available for ALL the people of Alston Moor.

What can you envisage here for the summer of 2012?

We’re thinking of events relating to arts and crafts, food products, music, Alston manufacturers, our local heritage, young people – and anything else you would like to suggest will be considered.
The Heart of Alston

Time and Tide

Our 16th century Derwentwater Clock is unusual – it has only one hand! The clock has moved many miles in its time and came to Alston in 1767. It’s adapted, had a new bell and a new face during its time here. Now the church it lives in is adapting too.
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Alix Martin and Pat Godwin have been asked by the Alston Aspire steering group to make things happen – fast! Both Alix and Pat have been involved in a range of aspects of the life of Alston Moor over a long time, most recently working together on the Community Plan. Either of them will be happy to hear your ideas, but don't wait – the project is happening NOW!

Huge thanks for funding for this pilot project go to the North Pennines AONB Sustainable Development Fund, and other contributors. We'll be evaluating the project this winter, and adaptations will then start so that the church can retain a part for services while the rest will serve the needs of the wider community.
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Questions being asked about this Project
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For the moment, not much beyond removing some of the pews.  Bigger changes
may follow, but only if the community feels that's the right way to go.
No, the intention is to enable the church to be useful to the whole community, whatever their beliefs or lack of belief.  There is no agenda to
bring religion into anything that is done in the Alston Aspire Project.